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MEGA (the complete name: Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy) is the social entrepreneurial organization focused on delivering services of gamification, serious game development, gamified trainings and courses, and e-learning with environmental and social value.

MEGA represents an innovative solution for addressing the modern world’s most pressing social and environmental issues, including inefficient natural resource management, environmental pollution with greenhouse gas emissions and waste toxins, loss of biodiversity, climate change, etc. We tackle these issues through community participation and collaborative environmental governance.

The purpose of MEGA is to create an environmentally sustainable world on the basis of such positive and motivating feelings as fun, enjoyment, and optimism about the future. To achieve this we combine psychology + technology + ecology in an innovative way and use their combined advantages. More specifically, we apply gamification, open-source eco-innovations, and citizen science for granting communities the “power” to create the clean, green, and environmentally prosperous world they dream of with their own hands and minds.


MEGA Vision:

A sustainable world, where every person lives an eco-friendly life, has open access to practical learning opportunities, constructs own open-source eco-innovations, and thus contributes to sustainable development and creation of positive social and environmental impact in a collaborative, enjoyable, and fun way anywhere in the world.


MEGA Mission:

Connecting People for Sustainable Future.


MEGA Values:

15 - Tree Hugger - Colour.pngValues Icons.png PASSION: We exist to serve the nature and people;

 COOPERATION: We believe in the power of communities;

 SUSTAINABILITY: We act sustainably in everything we do;

 EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in all our endeavours;

 FUN: We do serious work in a fun way;

 LEADERSHIP: We lead by example;



MEGA Impact:

The positive impact we create is the following:

  • Practical environmental education and peer-to-peer learning accessible to all interested young people through computer and smartphone, as well as the possibility to practice knowledge and skills and create real positive social and environmental impact during the learning process;
  • Young and experienced environmental specialists / change agents working in companies and organizations and contributing to the protection of the surrounding environment;
  • Passionate green entrepreneurs with their own successful green businesses based on creation and delivery of open-source eco-innovations;
  • Improvement of the environment and as a result quality of social well-being in communities;
  • Contribution to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Recognitions and Awards:

Dell Education Challenge.jpg                       Re-imagine Learning Challenge.png                       Creative Business Cup.png

             Promising Project Award 2013                             Challenge Pacesetter 2014                                 CBC 2014 National Top 5 Winner

GIST.png                        Verizon.jpg                                     UNECE Ideas for Change.gif  

                   GIST Tech-i 2014 Semi-finalist                                Powerful Answers Award Semi-finalist           UNECE Ideas4Change 2015 Finalist

 Climate Launchpad 2015 Logo.png                                   Short_Listed_Seal.png

Climate Launchpad 2015 National Winner           European Youth Award 2015 Semi-finalist


Mass-media about MEGA:

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For more detailed information we invite you to read our Annual Reports.

MEGA Annual Report 2014 - ENG.png                              MEGA Annual Report 2015 - ENG.png                              MEGA Annual Report 2016 - ENG.png 


MEGA Game: The Game with Impact



MEGA Game: The Game with Impact is the core product and service of MEGA that allows us together with you to fulfill our purpose and move forward towards realization of our vision. It represents a unique gamification system, where creating positive impact becomes a habit.

MEGA Game is a web platform that connects individuals, called Green Agents, and companies and organizations, called Mission Providers, and nurtures environmentally friendly habits and socially valuable behavior in them. The system does so by combining practices of psychology, technology, and ecology that are directed towards e-learning, collaboration, and real-world positive change. At the same time MEGA Game connects the on-line world with its accessibility and technological innovations to the real one with its challenges and opportunities for playing, learning and at the same time creating meaningful environmental and social impact.


MEGA Game - Schematics.png


In order to ensure immersive, fun, and personalized experience of learning and playing for impact, MEGA Game offers you a wide variety of features. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Profile page that allows you to plan your personal and professional growth and showcase your industry experience, skills developed, achievements earned, and feedback received.
  • Missions page, where you can find all available missions and quests, choose the ones you like the most, plan your strategy of accomplishing them, and then execute the necessary tasks in the real world.
  • Reporting feature that you can use to present the results of your accomplished missions and send photos and other materials to particular Mission Provider in order to visually demonstrate the success of your efforts.
  • Feedback feature that allows you as a Mission Provider to send direct feedback to the players or to receive it as a Green Agent.
  • Rewards collection for creating the feeling of satisfaction after each successfully accomplished mission, progressing in the game, and visualizing your personal and professional development throughout your journey in it.
  • Achievements collection is a set of additional secret rewards that you can unlock through performing certain actions and creating the required positive change in society and environment.
  • Trainings page designed to provide you with all the information and knowledge you need to successfully accomplish the missions and progress in the game. This is done through video trainings and e-learning courses available there and connected with the respective missions.
  • Statistics feature displays the data on your progress in the game and how it compares to the one of other players.
  • Leaderboard page offers you a complete picture of the progress and results of all players in the game, as well as your ranking in comparison to all users, currently playing ones, and your friends.
  • Administration page is a special Premium feature for Mission Providers, who would like to customize the entire design and gameplay experience of MEGA Game.

These and other gamification features of MEGA Game allow people to change their behaviour towards more environmentally friendly and socially valuable one. In turn this contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creation of an environmentally sustainable world.


MEGA Game Platform - 1.png          MEGA Game Platform - 2.png


Enter MEGA Game now and start playing for impact!



Alexandr Iscenco


Function: Research & Development Coordinator and CEO

E-mail: alexander@megageneration.com

Felicia Cretu


Function: Community Development Coordinator and Copywriter

E-mail: felicia@megageneration.com

Mihail Cebanu


Function: Gamification Coordinator and Project Manager

E-mail: mihail@megageneration.com

Elena Ungureanu


Function: MEGA Impact Championship Coordinator

E-mail: elena@megageneration.com

Pavel Popovciuc


Function: MEGA Game Developer

E-mail: pavel@megageneration.com