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MEGA (the complete name: Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy) is a social entrepreneurial organisation working as a collaborative platform for experimenting with innovative projects and solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues in the world.

In its social business activity, MEGA specializes on the approach and technology of gamification in nature conservation and sustainable development. Specifically, it delivers services of project gamification, serious game development, and gamified education with environmental and social value.

The purpose of MEGA is to change how nature conservation and sustainable development are done these days. Instead of working with symptoms of environmental and social issues (planting trees, cleaning up waste dumps, etc., which we also do as part of various MEGA projects), we target the roots of these issues and mobilize resources (ideas, solutions, talents, etc.) needed for resolving them. In such way, we serve as collaboration-enabling platform with a set of modern information technologies (gamification, e-learning, and other) necessary for systemic changes in environment protection and sustainable development.


MEGA Vision

A sustainable future, where every person and organisation contributes to nature conservation and sustainable development through creation of positive environmental and social impact in a collaborative, innovative, enjoyable, and fun way anywhere in the world.


MEGA Mission

Connecting people for a sustainable future.


MEGA Values

15 - Tree Hugger - Colour.pngValues Icons.png PASSION: We exist to serve the Nature and people

 COOPERATION: We believe in the power of communities

 SUSTAINABILITY: We act sustainably in everything we do

 EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in all our endeavours

 FUN: We do serious work in a fun way

 LEADERSHIP: We lead by example



MEGA Awards and Recognitions

Dell Education Challenge.jpg                       Re-imagine Learning Challenge.png                       Creative Business Cup.png

             Promising Project Award 2013                             Challenge Pacesetter 2014                                 CBC 2014 National Top 5 Winner

GIST.png                        Verizon.jpg                                     UNECE Ideas for Change.gif  

                   GIST Tech-i 2014 Semi-finalist                                Powerful Answers Award Semi-finalist           UNECE Ideas4Change 2015 Finalist

 Climate Launchpad 2015 Logo.png                                   Short_Listed_Seal.png                                                      National Winner 2019.png

Climate Launchpad 2015 National Winner           European Youth Award 2015 Semi-finalist           Energy Globe World Award 2019 Winner (Youth)


MEGA in Mass Media

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MEGA Reports

For additional information, we invite you to read our Annual Reports.

MEGA Annual Report 2014 - ENG.png         MEGA Annual Report 2015 - ENG.png         MEGA Annual Report 2016 - ENG.png         MEGA Annual Report 2017 - ENG.png         MEGA Annual Report 2018.jpg         MEGA Annual Report 2019.jpg


Our Most Successful Experiment


MEGA Game - The Game with Impact.pngMEGA Game - The Game with Impact.png


MEGA Game: The Game with Impact has been our organisation’s most ambitious and most successful experiment in combining information technologies and gamification with the domain of nature conservation and sustainable development. It had been running for four years, from 2015 until 2019, and resulted in a number of successful outcomes that are described below.




MEGA Game was essentially a map-based project management platform with elements of gamification and e-learning designed specifically for environmental organisations and individual environmentalists. The platform helped them to connect with each other and to manage environmental projects and fieldwork collaboratively within a global community. In this way, we were fulfilling our mission of connecting people for a sustainable future.

MEGA Game was aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of project management and collaboration between organisations and individuals, while also addressing the issue of information asymmetries in the environmental and sustainability sector. The platform allowed environmental organizations (called Mission Providers) to connect with volunteers (called Green Agents), engage and educate them on various environmental topics, research existing environmental issues, manage their projects, monitor progress, display positive impact achieved, and report to stakeholders. All this is was done in a collaborative space and in a fun, engaging, and motivating way due to elements of gamification integrated into the platform.

The key advantages and innovative aspects of MEGA Game included:

  • Combination of virtual engagement of organisations and individuals with real-world conservation actions and creation of actual positive change in different areas: biodiversity conservation, energy and energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, waste management, water management, and other.
  • Interactive location-based project management system that allowed organisations to work with volunteers directly on the field and immediately reward their actions with progression points, skill badges, and written feedback.
  • Gamification and e-learning elements to stimulate the engagement and participation of people in nature conservation initiatives, as well as to educate them, thus nurturing new environmental changemakers.


MEGA Game Platform.png


During the four years of its development and delivery, MEGA Game has achieved the following outcomes:

  • 17 environmental organizations from 9 countries have used the platform to implement 30 environmental and educational projects.
  • 157 young people have learnt about different aspects of nature conservation and sustainability (proper tree planting, water management, waste management, climate change, ecosystem services, etc.) from 3 e-learning courses and 15 individual video-trainings delivered via MEGA Game.
  • 1048 people have connected to the MEGA community and have provided valuable support and contribution to various organizations and their projects on the platform.

Overall, the collaboration of environmental organisations and individual environmentalists on MEGA Game has resulted in 8 environmental issues researched and documented, 2 tools to visualize environmental data created, 1720 trees planted, 10 parks and green spaces cleaned from waste, 6 tonnes of waste removed from ecosystems, 14 new environment-related jobs created, and 4 new environmental initiatives and organizations established as a follow-up of the projects realized on the MEGA Game platform.




Our Professional Team

Alexandr Iscenco


Function: CEO and Research & Development Coordinator

E-mail: alexander@megageneration.com

Elena Ungureanu


Function: Projects Coordinator

E-mail: elena@megageneration.com

Ivan Low


Function: Strategy Adviser

Hermann Gams


Function: Mentor

E-mail: hermann@dreamacademia.com

Harald Katzenschläger


Function: Mentor

E-mail: harald@dreamacademia.com