Rufford Foundation


The Rufford Foundation is a UK registered charity which funds nature conservation projects across the developing world. To date the Foundation has awarded grants to over 3000 projects in 155 countries.

The Rufford Foundation supports the MEGA project entitled “The Codru Quest: Economic Valuation of the Ecosystem Services of the Codru Protected Area by using Gamification” through its Rufford Small Grant programme.

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Spark Research Labs


Spark Research Labs is a regional research and consulting firm that develops solutions for clients from private, public and non-for-profit sectors. For this it uses in-depth knowledge in the fields of Strategy Development, Process and Project Management, Quality Management, Production and Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management, and IT and Data Mining.

Spark Research Labs is a long-term reliable partner of MEGA in terms of environmental research and nature conservation projects. The company engages in such initiatives as MEGA Impact Championship and provides financial support for their successful realization.

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Generator Hub


Generator Hub is a project with the purpose of growth in the IT domain in Moldova, by creating an easy to access coworking space, where startups can obtain experience, advice and mentorship, thus creating a community that operates by constantly exchanging experience, ideas and knowledge.

Generator Hub supports MEGA with a place in its coworking space and involvement in its community, while MEGA assists in various initiatives of Generator Hub, such as KidsHub.

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Bright Games


Bright Games is an indie game development company from Moldova committed to creating entertaining and visually appealing video games. Its team has some extremely talented people that all share the passion for creating and playing video games.

Bright Games is a long-term reliable partner of MEGA that created the organization’s website and now contributes to the development of MEGA Game: The Game with Impact.

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EcoVisio is a non-governmental organization in Moldova that focuses its work on empowerment and environmental education and action. Its working fields are primarily ecological agriculture, transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energies, consumer awareness, urban/rural development and resource flows. EcoVisio organizes a number of environmental initiatives, such as activEco, activePeace, Eco-village Moldova, Seed It Forward, Torbesc, IarmarEco, and other.

MEGA is in close collaboration with EcoVisio on several projects and initiatives, such as coaching provided for the activEco participants, organization of tree planting campaigns together with Seed It Forward and Eco-village Moldova, participation with exhibition booths at IarmarEco, as well as organization of the Movie Nights and Board Game Days events.

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CIVIC.MD is an information-sharing website for people interested in the NGO sector in the Republic of Moldova. The mission of the CIVIC.MD Portal is to contribute to increasing transparency and efficiency of non-governmental organizations in Moldova by providing a platform for communication both among NGOs and between NGOs and the general public.

CIVIC.MD offers free on-line space for MEGA to promote the organization's initiatives and projects on their portal.

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Dream Academia


Dream Academia is a world wide community of innovators, young startups and inspiring DreamAs who work together for a better tomorrow. It is represented by the self acclaimed center of dream development that is situated in the Dreamicon Valley, Austria. Dream Academia’s vision is a society in which everybody does exactly what he/she loves to do.

Dream Academia supports MEGA and its team in terms of incredible inspiration, important contacts and networking, valuable coaching and mentoring, and great assistance in making our MEGA dream come true.

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