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MEGA Game: The Game with Impact is a collaborative platform for managing environmental projects within a global community.

MEGA Game represents a project management service done in a collaborative and gamified way. By creating and managing your environmental or social project as a Mission Provider on the platform, you transform it into engaging, interactive, and motivating quest with real-world action and positive impact.

Then, by making this project open for collaboration, you connect it to a global community of social activists and environmental talents, who are willing to learn from you, contribute to your project, accomplish your quests and missions, display the results and impact achieved, and create a sustainable future together with you.



With MEGA Game you as Mission Provider will receive the following benefits and value:

Community Engagement-07.png

Increased engagement and commitment: By transforming your environmental or social project into a game-like quest on MEGA Game, you will attract greater number of volunteers, as well as keep them committed and loyal to it for a long period. The tools of the platform that you can use to achieve this include a set of rewards (experience points, skills badges, achievements, etc.), direct feedback, and progress statistics for each user.


Practical capacity building: People perform much better and produce more qualitative results, when they know exactly what to do and how to do it, while still having enough room for challenges. In the Trainings section of MEGA Game, you can upload your own courses and trainings and then connect them to specific missions of your project. This allows you to educate your volunteers and develop their knowledge and skills.


Promotion of brand uniqueness: Your unique brand and identity deserve recognition and reflection in all your projects. MEGA Game is designed to give you exactly that. By gaining access to the Administration section of MEGA Game, you can customize all elements of the platform: introduction and storyline, missions and quests, rewards and achievements, user interface design, colour scheme, database of users and administrators, and much more.

Project Management_Project Managenemt.png

Cost-efficient project management: Connecting people with tasks and managing them in a project can be a costly hurdle to overcome. However, with the use of such features of MEGA Game as mission creation, management of custom rewards, direct communication, immediate feedback, progress statistics, and adjustable leaderboard you will manage your project seamlessly while enjoying it as a gameplay and doing it in a cost-efficient way.


Do good, feel good: In the modern world, the most successful organizations and businesses are those, who resolve real-world environmental and social issues with their projects. We invite you to join their community in MEGA Game by using the platform for creating, monitoring, and displaying real positive impact for the natural environment and society that you achieve with your project.



You can start using MEGA Game immediately by choosing one of the 3 access packages:


Forever Free Access = 0 EUR: Free and permanent use of all MEGA Game features essential for basic project management and fun gameplay, including profile management, creation of missions and quests, creation of trainings and courses, visualization of other missions, verification and approval of mission reports, awarding of experience points and skill badges, sending direct feedback, and visualizing progress statistics and leaderboard.

Eco-Friendly Entreprise-03.png

Monthly Premium Access = 120 EUR / month: Monthly access to all MEGA Game features mentioned in the Forever Free package plus Administration section for complete customization, user management, and control over your gamified project management. All this comes with personalized support and care coming from the dedicated MEGA Team. The service can be extended to as many months as you need for the duration of your project.

Eco-Innovative Entreprise-04.png

Yearly Premium Access = 1320 EUR / year: Yearly access to all MEGA Game features mentioned in the Forever Free and Monthly Premium packages. In addition to this, you save 9% of your project management costs, practically receiving one free month of Premium Access. The service can be extended to as many years as you need for the duration of your project.


Results and Impact

Until present day, we have delivered the MEGA Game service to 7 organizations and businesses, gamified 28 environmental and social projects that included a total of 50 missions and 15 trainings, and engaged 96 volunteers into them.


Our Loyal Customers

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MEGA Game Bonus Services




Besides offering you the value and benefits of MEGA Game: The Game with Impact for managing your project in a collaborative and gamified way, we also provide a set of bonus services on the platform. They help you get the most out of MEGA Game and add extra boost to your projects while saving your time and efforts.

These bonus services are:

Leadership_Leadership.pngProject Gamification Boost = 15 EUR / month: Enhance your project on the platform with extra gamification elements and visibility boost that we deliver specially to you. In addition, we assist you with designing the gamification and collaboration strategy for your project.


Teamwork_Teamwork.png (1)Additional Project Management = 25 EUR / month: Add extra project to your access package and manage it together with the original one on the platform. Here we help you set up every additional project and choose the right gamification and collaboration tools for it.



Full Experience Customization = 75 EUR / month: Order a separate copy of the platform only for your project and fully customize its user experience according to your taste and brand. Moreover, we will create a landing page for the project and connect your copy to it.



Results and Impact

Nowadays the number of satisfied customers, who benefitted from the MEGA Game bonus services, includes 6 organizations and businesses. They used these services to gamify 6 additional projects, including the one managed on a separate copy of the platform with landing page.


Our Loyal Customers

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Custom Game Development




In addition to MEGA Game: The Game with Impact and Bonus Services on its basis, we are also happy to offer you our custom game development services for your specific needs. The service includes the complete design and development process of a game tailored to your business objectives, targeted players, results expected from them, and desirable learning and positive impact to be achieved. You are constantly updated on the progress of game development in order to ensure that every game feature and design element matches your requirements and expectations.

Our specialization is games with the potential to enhance learning of youth and to achieve certain positive change in society and environment. The types of games that we are ready to develop for you are:

Coaching_Coaching.png Web- or app-based video games;

 Augmented reality games;

 Board games;

 Activity games. 


Results and Impact

Our portfolio of games includes 5 types of board games and 4 web-based video games developed for 2 international organizations. These games are now distributed in educational institutions in 6 countries and are also available for playing on-line.


Our Loyal Customers

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Gamified Education




Through this service we offer the development and delivery of customized educational trainings and courses on a variety of topics related to gamification and games, environmental management and governance, and sustainable development. We can take an existing training or course and transform it into an engaging learning game or create it from scratch and then deliver it to your targeted audience.

This service is aimed at supporting your ongoing educational activities in a gamified way. You can be a teacher on environment and sustainable development in school who wishes to have more engaging and practical learning materials and activities. You can also be a human resource / talent development coordinator who would like to bring your employees closer to environmental and sustainability related topics in a fun and rewarding way. Or you can be a development practitioner who wishes to work with youth in local communities and engage them in meaningful social / environmental development work in a practical way. In all these cases the service of gamified trainings and courses is exactly what you need.

In delivering the service we specialize on the following topics:

Education&Training-04.png Gamification and “serious games” in education;

 Environmental economics, management, and governance;

 Ecosystems services and biodiversity conservation;

 Natural resource and waste management;

 Public Speaking-03.pngSocial and environmental project management;

 Social and green entrepreneurship;

 Eco-innovations and social robotics;

 Sustainable development. 


Results and Impact

The list of our gamified trainings and courses now includes 2 extensive courses (one on ecosystem services and another one on social robotics) organized and more than 40 trainings prepared and delivered to over 300 people.


Our Loyal Customers

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