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Empowering People for a Sustainable Future

MEGA Generation is a research-training-and-consultancy organization that
explores ways to practice nature conservation and sustainable development,
educates both individuals and organizations about those ways, and thus
empowers new generation to create eco-innovative projects, businesses,
and solutions to the most pressing environmental issues in the world.

Our Vision


A sustainable future, where every person, organization, and business
is empowered with proper knowledge, skills, and resources
to effectively contribute to nature conservation
and sustainable development anywhere in the world.

Our Values

  • SUSTAINABILITY: We act sustainably in everything we do
  • UNIQUENESS: We strive to be unique in how we deliver value
  • CREATIVITY: We inject creativity in our everyday activity
  • COMMITMENT: We deliver our promises with full commitment
  • ENVIRONMENT: We do everything with care for the Nature
  • SUPPORT: We assist each other to achieve common goals
  • SATISFACTION: We do our best to satisfy our clients’ needs

Our History in Brief

MEGA Photo

MEGA Generation was established back in 2013 under the name Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy, or simply MEGA. The original purpose of the organization was to serve as a collaborative platform for us and our stakeholders to experiment with innovative projects and solutions to various environmental and social issues. To fulfill that purpose we at MEGA brought in a series of promising methods, approaches, and technologies, such as games, gamification, e-learning, and social entrepreneurship.

MEGA Game Photo

In 2015, we finalized and released our first major eco-innovation called MEGA Game: The Game with Impact. It was an online project management platform with elements of gamification and e-learning designed to connect environmental organizations with volunteers and to assist both sides in implementing nature conservation projects in a fun, engaging, and motivating way. You can read more about MEGA Game in its brief description on the Projects page.

Project Photo

In parallel to developing MEGA Game and delivering it to beneficiaries, we were organizing a series of environmental, educational, and entrepreneurial projects. Until present day, we have implemented over 10 projects with almost all of them having two or even three editions. You can find the description of the most prominent initiatives of MEGA, such as MEGA Impact Championship, The Codru Quest, Operation P.E.A.C.E., and other, also on the Projects page.

Training Photo

Together with the organization of projects, we were using our knowledge and experience in nature conservation and sustainable development to offer capacity development activities to other environmental and social organizations. In this regard, since the establishment of MEGA, our trainers and experts have delivered more than 80 trainings, workshops, and entire courses on the topics of our expertise, which you can learn more about on the Services page.

GreenTech Rangers Photo

In 2019, we added environmental entrepreneurship to our expertise and started organizing projects and delivering capacity building services on this topic. We began hosting the ClimateLaunchpad competition in Moldova and in parallel launched the GreenTech Rangers pre-acceleration program for startups in sustainability. In 2020, we upgraded that program into an innovative online platform. You can find out more about these initiatives on the Projects page.

Sustainable Future Photo

Finally, in 2021, we gave MEGA a professional upgrade and evolved it into a research-training-and-consultancy organization. We also rebranded our grown-up organization into MEGA Generation. Nowadays we capitalize on our rich history and practical experience in producing positive environmental, educational, and entrepreneurial impact to empower other people, organizations, and businesses with knowledge, skills, and resources we all need to create a common sustainable future.

Our Positive Impact


young people

educated in sustainability


skillful trainers

prepared and certified


civic volunteers

engaged into nature conservation



supported with consultancy


green startups

prepared for the market


tree seedlings

planted together with our volunteers

Our International Awards

Dell Education Challenge
Promising Project
Dell Education Challenge 2013
UNECE Ideas4Change
Finalist Award
4Change 2015
National Award
Climate-Launchpad 2015
Energy Globe National Award
National Award
Energy Globe
Energy Globe World Award
World Award
Youth, Energy Globe 2019

Our Appearances in the News

University of California Berkeley
SDG Action Awards
Edinet Industry Park
Jurnalul Verde
Canal 3
Emerging Europe
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The Rufford Foundation
American Councils for International Education
Hai Moldova
AIESEC Alumni International
Green Talents

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